Painting & Drawing

Dauer: 3 Stunden
Teilnehmerzahl 1 - 6 Personen
Tourengröße: 6
Sprachen: English, Nederlands, Deutsch
Painting & drawing courses, given by professional tutor(s)

These courses are suited for any level and age, and will be given in the atelier or in the open air. Whether your work is abstract of figurative, you are always welcome to work individually or in a small group. A vast range of techniques can be applied. In Deruta is a professional art supply shop, where you can obtain painting and drawing materials. Possible locations are the atelier of Casa “Le tre Muse”, Deruta and surroundings, other cities or the landscapes of Umbria. Organiser Accademia Amsterdam will propose you a tutor who meets your wishes.

Von / pro Person

€ 30,00
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